Applying Myself

It’s that time of year. The time of year that most people aren’t aware of. Applications time. Which means I’m more nervous than ever to write anything.

When I say “more nervous than ever”, what I actually mean is “nervous”. I’m nervous. I don’t really get nervous, but here it is.

On my applications, it does mention slightly that I have a blog. I also know for a fact that, being human, I have made mistakes in this. I know where they are; I’m just too embarrassed about them to go back and fix them.

I also don’t want to express any opinions until after any applications have been processed. I also don’t really want to mention what applications I’ve made, in case person A gets annoyed about application B, or vice versa.

So, essentially, I’m too scared to write anything, because I’ve got far too much riding on this.

Actually, I am writing at the moment. Trying to keep my hand in and all that. Just- not in places where I might be forced to express any aspect of my personality, lest I be judged by the one person I really want to say yes to my application.

Sigh. Have a good Christmas. I’ll try to.


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